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Members’ advantages

La conciergerie - just one of the many perks of becoming a member at the BIRD.

We said it before, and well say it again: the BIRDs central mission is to make things simpler for our users. In that spirit, we provide awesome food and cosy spaces. As important as we deem good architecture and sustenance, tough, beauty is nothing without a pinch of typically Swiss pragmatism. Therefore, at the BIRD, we also provide a conciergerie service. No, we wont accept any weird requests and your office space shall not be covered in rose petals and puppies. We will, however, provide help with practicalities, so you don't have to bother. And that, dear community, is love.


Members only


    Practicalities are mostly annoying to deal with. That's why the BIRD has decided to spoil you with a concierge service that can help you focus on what you’re, in fact, here to do: your job.

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    The BIRD offers easy access to all means of transportation, as trains and trams and busses provide frequent and quick rides directly to the site. Bikes and cars, in turn, can enjoy safe parking options. Choice is yours!

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    Our dry-cleaning service is always on hand to freshen up your tired shirts, sew on those stubborn buttons or touch up those stubborn hems! Contact the 5àsec service. 

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    Tame a rebellious mane, freshen up a haircut or change the colour altogether? No problem, Mademoiselle Petits Pois comes to you, directly to the BIRD. Reserve your slot. 

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    At the BIRD, we want our members to be able to harmonise their outward radiance with their inner well-being! So if you fancy a manicure, it's easy to book a well-deserved pampering session! Reserve your slot.

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    Car wash

    At the BIRD, you can arrange for a monthly car wash as Green Cleaners comes to you, or rather to your vehicle. Make an appointment and let Green Cleaners take care of your car while you work.
    Keep it simple and do it on-site ! Contact Green Cleaners. 

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    A good massage is probably what most of us envisage when fantasizing about pure relaxation, isnt'it? Well, you'll be delighted to know that Amma techniques is available to you on-site and on request. Reserve your slot.

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    Bureaucratic intricacies can be hard to navigate. And sometimes, they require professional help and expertise, which the BIRD is happy to provide, so that residents can enjoy the peace of mind that they deserve.

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    Discounts events

    At BIRD, we want the best for our users, and so we want to help them making good deals. Therefore, we organise dedicated discount events which should allow everyone to achieve just that!

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    In terms of afterwork, the city has a lot to offer. The BIRD is not too bad on that side either, though! At our frequent gatherings, enjoy the good music, smooth drinks and relaxed vibe... Just show up and mingle!

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    Once a month, join in for a morning talk Breakfast at the Coffee Corner, and enjoy our special guest's discussing exciting topics, while treating yourselves to the delicious, lovingly prepared goodies. Let the nourishment begin!

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