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Your office spaces in Geneva, made for easier working.

At the BIRD, our goal is to create the best possible environment for minds and projects to blossom. We believe that a comfortable and relaxing space is essential to allow just that. That is why we provide a whole range of bespoke options for you, right here in Vernier, in immediate vicinity to the Airport. You can, for instance, rent meeting rooms by the hour or office spaces by the week, all of which are obviously available with the necessary equipment, as well as modifiable, contemporary, and playfully designed setups. You can also, however, rent one of our more traditional offices, and make yourself just as comfortable! Et voilà! Your only excuse now shall be the call of the yum - which we are, too, as it happens, happy to take care of.



From 1 to 200 persons

At the BIRD, all rental solutions will offer you the comfort we believe is essential to doing a good job. An additionnal variety of booking solutions will help you create your very own bespoke work space!

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From 1 to 100 persons

In addition to the various coworking and office options provided at the BIRD, users also have the opportunity to book conference rooms for occasional requirements.

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From 1 to 100 persons

Workshop, Conference, Sports Classes, Hackathon, Team Building, Board Meetings... at the Playground, anything is possible.