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Experience Geneva's savoir-faire in all things joie de vivre

Geneva is mostly known for its seriousness: diplomacy, money, spies, colliding electrons. But not so fast! There is more to Geneva than meets the eye and heres a non-exhaustive list to prove that point: Picturesque lakeside, secret rooftops, edgy art scene, crazy diverse gastronomy options, parcs, trees, unexpected afterwork experiences, open air stages, cafes, wild indie culture, mind-blowing sunsets, concerts, museums, one pink tramway, the occasional camels, and elephants in the middle of town, renowned opera, melting cheese. Also, just remember what they say about sleeping (lake) waters


Back on the move, goals in bloom.

Life at bird

Tired and stressed because of all that efficient working? In need to rest your head and get in touch with your arms and legs and whatever other parts of your body you’ve been neglecting? Well, you’ll be happy to find that Geneva has a lot to offer. Whether your natural inclination goes towards yoga or pilates, local wine-tasting or listening to live music, the BIRD blog will bring you all sorts of interviews and news and tips on all of the above and much more. Good work-life balance? Paramount indeed, and we’re happy to help.