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Pilates class

Thursday, 21st
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Playground - Court 7

Elisa-May, 30 years old.

She has a degree in muscle strengthening and Pilates, and offers a mat-based Pilates class every Thursday lunchtime.

A former top-level sportswoman in classical and contemporary dance, she's also a dancer, a bachata teacher in various schools in Geneva and an international bachata competitor (next competition at the World Championships in Mexico in December!).

What is Pilates? 

Pilates is a 'gentle' muscle-strengthening method that aims to strengthen the deep muscles of the body, improve your posture and make you more flexible. 

During a session, the movements are performed with awareness, which encourages you to refocus on yourself. 

Pilates helps you regain a supple, toned body, improve the alignment of your spine and relieve back pain. 

By performing the movements with precision and fluidity, you'll find that you can concentrate better and calm your mind for everyday life. In fact, Pilates helps to make your mind more flexible.

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Pilates class
Pilates class