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Yoga Class

Tuesday, 26th
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Playground Court 7

Mathilde is passionate about meeting people and sharing, 

Her journey into the world of yoga began several years ago, and since then this sacred practice has profoundly transformed her life. 

She became a yoga teacher in India in 2018 after discovering South East Asia on her own.

Her approach to yoga is imbued with kindness, joy and spirituality.

She aims to create a welcoming space where everyone can feel safe to explore and connect with their inner world.

Experience yoga, reconnect with yourself, understand who you are, honour your body and discover your possibilities.

Tuesday class 12.15pm at the Playground :

Tuesday's class is designed to be complete

We'll alternate between different styles of yoga as the weeks and seasons go by.

Sometimes dynamic, sometimes gentler, the class will adapt to our needs and our development.

Vary the practices to let the body blossom along different paths.

A theme will be chosen each month.

Take a break, do yourself good during the working day.

Yoga helps us to manage stress and to prevent and relieve pain associated with sitting in the office.

The course is open to all levels.

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Yoga Class
Yoga Class